WTF Hip Hop Facts

When 2pac was in jail Jim Carrey wrote letters to him to help him laugh and smile

According to IMDB, amongst other sources. This was probably due to the fact that Tupac said that Carrey was his favorite actor and used to imitate him.



Prodigy’s mom was in 1960s girl group ‘The Crystals’

The Mobb Deep rapper was a guest on The Mo’nique show recently and went into his rich musical family history. Click here to watch the interview


His grandfather, Budd Johnson, and his uncle Keg Johnson are remembered for their contributions to the Bebop era of jazz while his mother, Fatima Frances Collins, sang in The Crystals and recorded such hits as “Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Then He Kissed Me”.


(Source: Wikipedia)

50 cent made $400m over night from his investment in a vitamin water company.

50 Cent just made a quick $400 million when Coca-Cola agreed to buy Glaceau, the maker of Vitamin Water for $4.1 billion.

The rapper owns 10% of Glaceau, which makes 50 Cent’s signature drink - the Formula 50.


Busta Rhymes, Biggie and Jay-Z all attended school together

The three Brooklyn natives attended Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in Brooklyn, New York. Biggie and Busta was there first and later Jay-Z was transferred to the school.



Fat Joe used to be a big graffiti artist


Check him speaking about it here:

Tupac studied ballet in school

When he was in Baltimore, Tupac Amaru Shakur was in an arts schools and ballet was in the program. Check the video here:


Snoop Dogg sold marijuana to Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz appeared on ‘Lopez Tonight’ spoke enthusiastically about a range of topics. Recounting her high school days in Long Beach, she recalls having bought marijuana from fellow classmate — Snoop Dogg.


NWA rapper Eazy E once had dinner with George Bush (senior)

Eazy-E attended a fund raising event that President George H.W. Bush attended, but effectively was invited by accident. 

This was quoted in the song “Dreams” by Game:

The dream of Eric Wright, that’s what I’m givin’ you/Who walked through the White House without a business suit/Compton hat, jheri curl drippin’ on Ronald Reagans shoes


Birdman adopted Lil Wayne

In what sounds like an urban Cinderella story, Birdman signed the pre-teen, who then took on the moniker Lil Wayne. Birdman then stepped up to the plate for Carter’s own absentee father, taking the 12-year-old under his proverbial wing, adopting Lil Wayne as his own son.


(Source: GQ)